StanoGen 10 – Oral Winstrol 10 mg / tab – Box of 50 tabs


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Winstrol is a popular brand name for the anabolic steroid stanozolol. This compound is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, a molecule in use since 1962. Stanozolol provides quality muscle growth with growth in strength.


StanoGen 10 – Oral Winstrol 10 mg / tab – Box of 50 tabs 

StanoGen 10 (Stanozolol = Winstrol) is a product to be taken for a dry cycle. This product turns fat into muscle. Box of 50 tablets, 10mg / tablet. With this product you will get:


  • An impressive gain in strength.
  • Very lean and very defined muscles.

This product is one of the least harmful products with Primobolan (Be careful to take liver protection).

As part of a lean mass gain this product is combined with Dianabol.

Also as part of a lean mass gain, you can combine this product with injectable steroids such as ParabolanMastéronBoldenoneNandroloneTestosterone .

This product is the best oral steroid for dryness. As part of a dry, this product can be combined with a Testosterone to avoid losing too much muscle mass, and Primobolan.
This product is also excellent for weight loss, in this case, combine it with Cytomel or Clenbuterol.


2-8 tablets (20-80mg) per day.

This product is taken minimum 8 weeks and maximum 12 weeks.


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