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An Ideal Peptide for tanning and libidoPeptide Melanotan 2 Euro Pharmacies is a peptide that allows users to obtain a tanned appearance of the skin without exposure to potentially harmful UV rays. The Melanotan 2 increases libido and can cause spontaneous erections.

  • Laboratory: Euro Pharmacies,
  • Form: subcutaneous injection,
  • Molecule: Melanotan 2,
  • Concentration: 10 mg / vial,
  • Presentation: Vial of 10mg,
  • Recommended dosage: 300 mcg 2 times daily (before breakfast and before bedtime). It can also be injected before and after sun exposure to increase the tanning effects. A gradual dosage (3 days at 100 / 4 days at 250 mcg / 600 mcg) is recommended to avoid any side effects,
  • Dilution: Use sterilized water,


  • Tanning: 5/5
  • UV protection: 5/5
  • Increased libido: 4/5
  • Side effects: 2/5
  • Keep gains: 4/5

Peptide Melanotan II Euro Pharmacies

Le Melanotan 2 is a synthetically produced of peptide hormone which is produced naturally in the body and stimulates melanogenesis. This peptide hormone, called alpha – melanocyte stimulating hormone or MSH, activates certain melanocortin receptors in the process of exerting its effects. Indeed, MSH also exerts a powerful influence on the lipid metabolism,appetitelibido via these melanocortin receptors.

With an appropriate dosage, Melanotan 2 naturally stimulates the natural tanning mechanism to create a tanning effect without raw exposure to the harmful levels of UV radiation. This will reduce the risk of skin damage that can eventually lead to skin cancer.

In terms of side effects, Melanotan II increases libido and can cause spontaneous erections. This increase in libido is stable and continuous throughout the duration of taking Melanotan 2.

In addition, Melanotan 2 and a similar synthetically produced variant, known as PT-141, has been studied in detail as a remedy for the treatment of sexual dysfunction; in particular, the male erectile dysfunction.


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