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Anavar Lite (Oxandrolone) is one of those mild steroids that provides strength and leanness with very few androgenic side effects. These qualities have made Oxandrolone a favourite amongst the women who practice bodybuilding and fitness.


Beligas Pharmaceuticals Anavar Lite is a product for a cycle of strength and lean mass. Box of 50 tabs, 10 mg / tab. With this product you will get:

  • An impressive increase in strength and a very lean, very hard muscle.
  • Very lean mass gain.

For a lean mass gain and increase in strength this product combines very well with Androlic , Dianabol , Anabol and WinstrolPrimobolan , Primabolan.

For an increase in performance and strength alone, this product is combined with Halotestin.

It is good to take this product during a cutting cycle.

This product can be taken a maximum of 4 weeks.

Dosage: 1-3 tabs (10-30mg) per day


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